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  • Original Framed Artwork
  • 32” x 24” (80cm x 60cm)

  • Hand painted in highly pigmented acrylic paints on linen canvas, finished with a UV protective and archival varnish 


How important is tactile paving or yellow warning lines on the edge of a platform for a visually impaired person?


These paintings evolved from a conversation with a person living with Congenital Cataracts and Nystagmus. 


I have no natural ability to focus. I struggle with depth perception in brightly lit areas or full sun.

Car lights feel too bright in the evening


Through this painting and 'Underground Edge' I wanted to suggest how a visually impaired person might view a train station and use it safely. In 'Underground Edge' there is a bright yellow warning line at the edge of the platform so a user would be likely to see this if they have some vision. There is also tactile paving which is often not seen but would be felt under foot. In 'Platform Edge' there is no tactile paving or yellow warning line at the platform edge.

'Platform Edge'

  • This original artwork will take 7-14 days to be despatched. Please contact me if you'd like the work sooner.

    Delivery of original artwork within the UK is free either by hand if you live local to me in Wakefield, UK, or via courier.


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