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Hi, I'm Ruth, I'm a creative through and through. I love making art and anything creative and I love teaching others to do the same. If you want the arty statement about me then you can read it below.


If you're looking to buy some of my art head to my shop where you'll find all my currently available artwork and prints for sale.

If you like my work and are interested in a commission or collaborating on a project get in touch

If you're interested in seeing my work in real life in an exhibition it's here or how about teaching a class or working with you on a community project it's here

Thanks so much for visiting my site and supporting me in my art business!

Ruth Fones is an artist and teacher based in West Yorkshire, UK. Through her extensive work as an educator, Ruth Fones has continuously observed the subtle variations in our individual perception of colour, light, form and perspective. Her own diagnosis of a common age-related sight change, triggered a moment of significant reflection for the artist, and uncovered a wider fascination with the differences in our vision.

Fones has immersed herself in researching eye conditions and documenting conversations surrounding sight, both of which profoundly inform her practice. She uses her inherent creativity as a method of communicating the knowledge gained from her research and interactions, positioning herself as an artistic interpreter. Fones’ carefully conceived pieces seek to bring to life, primarily through the medium of paint, the experiences of vision generously shared by her interviewees. She develops work that allows the viewer to contemplate an alternative and often unconsidered visual viewpoint and brings to the surface a nuanced interpretation of vision.

Her recent work for the 'Do you See What I See? exhibition was developed through lockdown conversations with those living with sight loss through Outlookers, a local sight loss charity. 

Originally from Sunderland in the North East, Fones now lives in Wakefield, West Yorkshire. She studied BSc Textile Design in Huddersfield specialising in Knitted Textiles and went on to work as a Knitwear Designer and then a self employed knitwear business owner. She then worked as Senior Lecturer in Textiles at The University of Huddersfield where she also undertook a Post Graduate Certificate in Higher Education and taught a wide range of art, textiles and craft techniques. More recently, and after having a family, she has taught adult art classes and worked within a varierty of community projects alongside the development of her own artistic practice.

I was interviewed by Lucy Armour from The Calderdale Eye which is a talking newspaper put together by The Halifax Society for the Blind. This interview really helps to explain my artwork and what I'm trying to achieve. We talk about how my work has developed and why I'm fascinated with how our differences in vision shapes how we see our world. We also discuss potential for priojects and future developments and the work exhibited in Valli Opticians, Hebden Bridge.

I hope you enjoy listening.

Interview with Calderdale EyeRuth Fones and Lucy Armour
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Ruth is sitting infront of an ipad on a video call whilst being interviewed
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